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Author of the book of essays Global Citizen.
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Stan ChungGlobal Citizen

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240 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches, paperback
ISBN 978-0-9810271-8-0, $25

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Stan Chung Shares His Identity, Ideas and Insights

Stan Chung never thought anybody would care to hear about his parents, their struggles, and his upbringing as the son of a Korean-born United Church minister. He never thought his experience extraordinary. He never thought it atypical, nor did he find it very interesting. Everybody has a story; his story begins and ends just like everyone else's.

So when he took his column in the Okanagan Sunday newspaper into personal experience he was surprised that readers greeted his explorations enthusiastically. Every time he submitted something to the editor that filled him with dread and anxiety, readers rewarded him with emails of praise and encouragement. These emails came in bunches whenever he wrote something that struck an emotional chord with readers. The column began to change as he tried to push the emotional content of the work, to take bigger risks, to talk openly about the suicide of a student, the death of his mother, how his parents abandoned him. Having been taught to take risks in his writing, Stan found that the more he risked, the more he realized that the column was becoming an intensely personal way of connecting with his community.

Clobal CitizenOkanagan Institute On the publication of his book, Global Citizen: River of Love and Other Essays, Stan says, "All my romantic notions about what community means and what community can do for you in a reciprocal relationship have been realized. It is a tremendous feeling to hear that you have either made a difference in someone's life or been the catalyst for some personal reflection. The essays and stories in the book are united by a passion for writing. Writing is a key part of my identity; I write because this is one of the ways I learn best. I don't know something until I spell it out. You could say I don't know what I think or feel without trying to write it down in less than 1200 words to an audience of 30,000 Okanagan citizens."

Praise for Global Citizen has been universal:

"Stan Chung's essays speak of the details, dreams, desires, and occasional dead ends that map the larger, global experience of the Canadian Everyman/woman. The writing is superb. Chung writes from the heart, the gut, the knees, and generously contributes to the genre of creative non-fiction with a localized, vernacular flair that speaks honestly to the experience of a "global citizen" in small town Canada. In the end, Chung connects the dots between local and global experience through the story-telling itself, through the shared experience of the conflicted, flawed, love-able, and always real human condition. Good stories, good writing, and, a very good read." - Veronica Gaylie, author of The Learning Garden.

"Stan Chung's Global Citizen pieces play smartly with the reader's expectations. His columns are genre-splicers that showcase story, dialogue, poetic imagery, confession, sensuality, regret, family, death, community, history - each piece, in fact, unfolds like a miniature novel or play. What we encounter are the sounds and visions of a restless, ever-agile creator - it's a gift to have his work collected for us in this volume." - Jake Kennedy, author of Hazard and winner of the 2010 Robert Kroetsch Award

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Stan Chung is a writer and Dean of Arts and Science at Camosun College. Join him on Facebook and Twitter. Contact him at

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